3 Warm-Weather Weekend Getaways for Couples

After a festive November and December, it’s natural for you and your significant other to experience a post-holiday slump -- especially when winter rears its ugly head and leaves a trail of bad weather in its path.

With spring still a long ways away, a quick, romantic winter getaway may be just what you and your mate need to beat the cold weather blues.  Here are three warm-weather weekend getaways for couples guaranteed to put a “spring” in your step, even in the frigid late winter months.

For the Couple that Loves the Beach and City Life: Los Angeles

Looking for endless sand, sun, surf … and city? There’s no better place than Los Angeles. The City of Angels’ enviable climate makes long, romantic walks on the beach enjoyable, even in February or March, and the stretch of shore by Santa Monica Pier is the perfect place to cuddle on a blanket and watch the waves roll in. Los Angeles is also a bustling metropolis, which means there’s always something cool or interesting to do as a couple. Couples who love art will find their happiness at the Getty Museum or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and nights out in Hollywood or Beverly Hills are sure to yield a celebrity sighting or two. Here’s a pro tip: while traffic can be a pain, we recommend getting up early, packing up your rental car from Los Angeles Airport (LAX), and taking a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, which is said to be one of the most scenic drives in the world.

Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

For the Couple that Loves Great Music and Food: New Orleans

For a sensory experience you and your partner will not forget, head to New Orleans, the U.S. city with French flair. “The Big Easy” is full of savory food, soul-stirring music and stunning sights that are best experienced à deux, and there’s no better time to experience it than now given that it’s the city’s 300th anniversary this year! During your weekend getaway to New Orleans take your significant other on a food tour so you can sample all the local fare-- finding NOLA’s best beignets, gumbo, and po’ boys should be a team effort, n’est-ce pas?   After all that food, a stroll hand-in-hand around the French Quarter is a great way to work off those calories while taking in the beautiful French and Spanish colonial architecture that characterizes the city. And while you’re in town, attend at least one concert at The Spotted Cat, one of New Orleans’ most revered jazz clubs.

French Quarter in New Orleans. French Quarter in New Orleans.

For the Couple that Just Wants to Relax and Canoodle: Savannah, Georgia

Need a low-key destination where you can unwind and reconnect with your significant other? If so, look no further than Savannah. This quaint Southern city looks like something out of a romance novel: its charming Historic District, beautiful gardens and tree-lined boulevards are sure to make you swoon. There are all types of things to do in Savannah.  For an ultra-soothing getaway, pick up your car from the Savannah International Airport (SAV) and  head to Tybee Island. It’s an idyllic coastal retreat located only 20 minutes outside of the city, and is a fantastic place to spend quality time with your number one. When you’re finished there, you can continue to make beautiful memories (and pictures!) at Cathedral of St. John the Baptist-- it happens to be the most photographed landmark in town.  But whatever you do, don’t rush: Savannah is all about taking it easy and enjoying each other.

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