Give the Gift of Travel Memories: Photo Frame

The best gifts are personal gifts. If someone on your list has recently traveled somewhere special, give them the gift of making that trip last forever with a customized photo frame.

Turn a map into a matted insert for a photo frame, creating a unique reminder of a particular vacation moment. They may be able to close their eyes and picture themselves back in their last vacation destination. But with this personalized frame, they can do it with their eyes open!

Simply grab a pic they posted to Facebook or Instagram while they were on vacation and the gift will be a wonderful surprise!

How to Make a Travel Memories Photo Frame:


  • Photo
  • Map
  • Matted photo frame
  • Ruler
  • Hobby knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Tape


  1. First lay the photo on the map to envision which parts of the map you want to surround it in the matted frame.
  2. Lay the matted insert from the frame onto the map and cut away the map around it.
  3. With the matted insert still on the map, cut an X in the center, from each corner to the opposite corner.
  4. Fold the center portion of the map back onto the matted insert and tape it down.
  5. Tape the photo in place, face down.
  6. Flip over the matted insert with the photo and partially taped map. Lightly tape down the outer edges of the map.
  7. Assemble the mat and frame.

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